15 de abril de 2024

22 thoughts on “Manchester United 4-1 Chelsea | Destacados | Liga Premier 22/23

  1. How did Lampard ever become a coach? Does this mean he doesn't have even a single coaching skill? Can't motivate, isn't tactical, what does he do on the training ground?

  2. It seems like Chelsea players have decided not to score any goal.. I don't believe! This is not a Chelsea which I used to see and support even from my childhood days.. RIP Chelsea owner..

  3. Wish this reaches the players or the coach.
    We created chances to no avail… What a striking hoooooo we can't see the net even the shouting is still weak… We need strong goal shootouts our strikers are weak in shooting they should use more power. Secondary come sand we need the back strong and the striking line to turn chances into goals… In all the loses we have faced this season I think it's because poor backing formation after loosing the ball, motivation and striking. That should not be the case this coming game.

  4. Je suis Sénégalais🇸🇳et un bleu fan depuis gamin.
    Ça me fait tellement mal de voir mon Chelsea FC dans cette état.
    En plus a chaque match je fus mes cours pour regarder mon team joué, là je dois reprendre ma première année universitaire car je n'arrivais pas être lorsque Chelsea perd un match.
    Plz le nouveau coach dois redresser la barre pour les toutes la famille de Chelsea

  5. Sorry for saying this but you are Chelsea and you put a video of them losing by the way I’m not a hater

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