15 de abril de 2024

21 thoughts on “Stop wasting your money on expensive boots! #footballboots #soccercleats #footballtips #soccer

  1. You are definitely correct but sometimes when I buy cheap boots the soul rips apart in 2 days and is no longer Benificiall

  2. This is 50-50. I have used many cleats from the lowest to the high-end ones. I could assume that the high-end much more comfortable than the lower version that gives me blisters every time i wear it while the top one doesn’t. Trust me, spend money on the best boots and you can keep it for a couple years than you will have to endure the pains for those year !!

  3. The higher quality of the shoe, the more exspensive it gets. Also, comfort and How it fits on your foot, is more importent then prize.

    But yeah, shoes can be very overprized or to exspensive.

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